Online Account Access

Account Activity: Watch real-time activity for your accounts that refreshes every 15 seconds. The moment our operators are done handling your customer's alarm, you see a full activity log for the account that displays all the actions that were just taken on the account, the account name, address, number, and a link to the account itself.

Customer Access: You can offer Remote Access to your Customers. The Dealer has complete control to enable/disable access and modify permissions in real-time. You can allow your Customers to be able to request Service and Changes and place their system ON/OFF TEST status. They can view their Account Information as well as the last three months of Activity or view Real-Time Activity as it happens. One Customer can be given access to multiple accounts with just one login.

Reports / Lists: Run on-demand customizable reports and lists from your accout database. Want a list of your accounts with Address,City/State/Zip,Create Date,Last Signal Date,etc.. you can run an up-to-date report with these (and 30 more) options at your convenience. Reports can be sent to you or your customers on a per account basis daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Reports can be set up to include all or only some event types based on what you want.

Data Entry: Remote access will allow you and your designated employees to enter your own customer data entry and account updates. In addition, you can activate or disable an account yourself, in real time, without having to make a call to the monitoring center.

Our online service also includes many more useful tools for billing, service, and customer account access. To learn more please E-Mail or Call 602-433-1271.

Online Access

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