The AES Radio Diagnostic Module

by ASI Communications, Inc.

The AES Diagnostic Module is pretty much plug-n-play. You simply connect the module to an AES Radio's Programming/Data Port with the supplied cable and Watch...

The AES Radio Diagnostic Module will interrogate an AES IntelliNet radio and display the following information in real-time:

Network Connectivity Status:
  • No Network! Net Fail!
      No Peers found yet
  • Network POOR
      If NetCon is 6 or 7
  • Radio All Okay
      If No System/Zone Alarms or Troubles
  • Top Peer (first hop)
  • Current NetCon value
  • Current Link Level
System Trouble messages:
  • "Radio AC FAIL"
  • "Charger FAIL"
  • "Radio BAT FAIL"
  • "Ground Fault"
  • "RAM FAIL"
  • "ADC FAIL"
  • "Loop Test FAIL"
Zone Status: (7788F/7050E v2.60+):
  • "Zone x Alarm"
  • "Zone x Trouble"
Peer Status: (7788F Only/7050E v2.60+):
  • Good Peers and Total Peers "+3:8" =3 good peers out of 8 total
The module has been tested with the following radio models:
  • 7450 (Burg Radio)
  • 7750-F8 (8-Zone Fire Radio)
  • 7788F (8-Zone Fire Radio)
  • 7050E/F8 (8-Zone Burg Radio)

A Button is used to select the following Modes:
  • Packet Monitoring Mode
     Displays Received, Transmitted, and Acknowledgement packets.
  • Transmit Test Mode
     Sends five manual tests signals and monitors Transmitted packets for Acknowledgements and reports Success Rate.

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