AES IntelliNet Radio Network

AzSecurity's frequency has the widest Coverage in the Valley
From Phoenix to Tucson and everything in between.

With radios located throughout the valley and more coming online every day, AzSecurity Dealers have the best valley-wide coverage. Since each radio is also a repeater for all other radios, a proper installation will always have multiple paths to the Central Station.

AZ Security Control had created proprietory software to simplify a Dealers Access to their radios. We strives for a "perfect" network, constantly monitoring the connectivity of all radios and alerting the appropriate dealers of any non-compliant radios and hidden radio problems that may cause trouble for other radios on the network. Some of these radio problems are undetectable using standard AES IntelliNet software and utilities, but can create a negative impact with poor connectivity to radios attempting to repeat through them.

Follow this link to learn more about MTS and what it can do for Your Central Station's AES Radio Network.

Please call AZ Security Control MTS Support @ 480-756-5444 for questions or to get started.

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AZ Security Control is a Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Central Station for Alarm Dealers.
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